It’s incredible that cruelty happens in Switzerland!
Premise, admires The RESPECT. We don't love to make slander even defamation or other misconduct because it's against the healthy principles of life. We publish only the victims real facts with documentations and/or audio and/or video and/or other similar proofs. Purpose, We Respect The Unborn / Children / Minors / Citizens / People: We help the poor defenseless Children / Teenagers and all people who feel alone and left to themselves in front the injustice!
shame on you: abusers of unlimited power and all ’competent services’, over pro mothers specializing against fathers, authors of serious damage of defenseless/innocent/poor minors and ... Teenagers, Children, and ... FIGHT with the claws against the Legalised Abduction and the Serious Injustice. Learn quickly to evaluate only with the common sense to use your head. Nobody is allowed to decide for Your Life and Future! The Children are the future of society! All Minors have the right to speak.
• On The Rights of the Children, the Switzerland has published to the ONU the second, third, and fourth official report only in June 2012, with five years of delay.
Dedicated to little Helpless Children • 500 million CHF for the 20’000 victims of coercive measures adopted before 1981.

Protect the poor children with the common sense that our ancestors trasmit us for centuries! For those wishing to help the Poor Children Swiss, the weak and defenseless:

• We want to train
* Lawyer do yourself do for 3! *
• To improve the language, you need only to update the texts files. A4 Flyer to hang in public places.

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